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    September 06 at 17:37:55
    Server will by opening on 2020-09-07 20:00 GMT+2 whith custom:
    Armors, weapons, jewels, cloaks and more, system donwload on opening date.
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    January 24 at 21:54:11
    Added 12 new sets, new jewels, new weapons and skills. Server is hard farm so yea you can use bot program to make grinding.
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    September 13 at 10:09:50
    Changed some mine class skills: Rapid Shot will add 40% PVE dmg but it will work only whith bow it add
    specific bow pve no bonus whith other weapon.
    Empowering Echo will add extra magic pve dmg.
    Zealot - Frenzy - Angelic Icon other changed skill now last for 2hours time.
    Added Spirit of Shilen(sos) 2 hours time, you can get skill book on Skylancer raid.But it will by self buff not party.
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    August 23 at 22:53:37
    Increased dual daggers crit dmg and pve dmg.
    SOA now will add 100% PVE dmg dosint mater what zone.
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    August 16 at 20:03:55
    Vampiric Claw increased Hp absorb.
    Alfonso NPC in Giran increased Blue Seal Stone trade rate.
    Lowered SOA monsters P.def, M.def and increased Golden Apigas Blue Seal Stone drop amount and rate to 100%.
    Increased Tintans P.atk and Crit. dmg
    Changed Masters Blessing - Agility now will add + 20% PVE dmg to M and P atk, +10% P.def.
    Increased magical PVE atk.
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    August 4 at 17:26:37
    Starter Jewels now tradable but lowered every stat on them by 8% since it's same like Vesper. Removed time on them.
    Master's Blessing - Chant of Victory added extra 15% M.atk bonus.
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    August 2 at 23:09:03
    Changed Clan lvl up member requirements.
    Added to GmShop > Exchange Medal of Victory.
    In Parnassus Solina Knight now will drop Medal of Victory.
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    July 31 at 22:35:12
    Server hosting is now under maitanance will work in some mins when they finish.
    Sory to all for this.
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    July 28 at 21:33:37
    So, after a long break, I'll present you an updated L2Insolence server.
    We've updated armors, weapons, jewelry and other outfits.
    We added costumes, they will only be available on events reward.
    Also added to the voting shop and event shop more different item.
    Slightly changed the monster stats and drops.